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Banks and Barns

I really want some cheese and crackers. I'm working at the grocery store branch of the bank. this is awful. well, today is better than yesterday so far. My big brother is going to take my tire in to see if it can be repaired and he will be fixing my headlight! Yay! Cheryl called me last night wanting to know if I wanted this chick to do Derby's teeth. Apparently she's really great and super cheap and all so I said yes. Then I thought about it. This woman isn't certified. Derby's never been sedated or had his teeth done. I'd rather have my vet do it. So I called and Cheryl's phone is yet again not paid for...So I called Tracy and she was like pushing me to have his teeth done! It was really weird. I was like no, seriously, I'd rather have my vet do it. So I emailed my vet, yup he charges the same plus a whole $7 farm call. Yeah I'll have him do it, thanks.

ETA: Apparently my tire was slashed! Creepy! Also, talked to my trainer and apparently they were pushing her to have her horses' teeth done also. I find this fishy to say the least.

A whole slew of awesomeness.

I woke up this morning. That was the first thing. I still have no coffee in the house. I let my dog out and he would not pee. I went to go to work and my tire is flat. My headlight is still out and I have to pay someone to fix it since I dont have the right tools to do so. The tool I bought for this broke upon the first attempt at use. Considering I could not drive I did not get coffee on the way to work. I had to walk down to grandpa's and have him drive me (how embarrassing). Cody's mother is picking me up. woo. While at work (current) I am freezing my butt off and will be here until 7pm. Again. I'm supposed to go to Iowa for the weekend and take my vehicle. We shall see if that's going to even happen now. I had a horrible dream about the apocolypse last night and could not fall back to sleep. Tomorrow will be better. It cannot top today.


Just and FYI New icon is my Derby!


Oh snap.

I rode Annie the other day again. Would like to today depending on time/weather. She's actually starting to really click with the bending. It's like she's thinking "what on earth are you doing up there?!? Oh. OH!! I remember now" She's so stiff to her right side though so I always work her on that side first until it's a solid bend and she can do her shoulder in and sidepassing. I need a dressage whip so badly though. I really miss my wonderful one with the grippies and gold top. NO clue where that one went. Annie just gets really lazy behind and once and a while needs just a *taptap* to remind her to use it! I'd really like to start working into trot/canter with her soon. I'd like to see how bad she's going to be on the forehand. The only time I've seen her really canter is with Josh on her who doesn't know yet how to put a horse on her hindquarters so I want to start pushing that route. Derby is looking STUNNING if I do say so myself. I have a wonderful trainer/best friend who throws him extra hay if he's inside =) The little stinker is using all of his extra food to grow instead of get fat though. Still hoping to send him out for training in March/April for a few months. Chris is probably going to start schooling me again so I can refresh and get up to a higher level, probably third so that I can give Riding Lessons up to that point. I can already do through 1st level but I'd like to know a wee bit more. Like they always say, school third show first...



I really want another tattoo. I actually don't really like my first one that much, it's cute and all and has meaning but it could've been thought through a little more I suppose, but it's a chinese symbol (ugh how typical). So I was thinking I really want to get the saying "his hooves beat the rhythm, my heart sings the song" for champ & derby on the side of my foot...It would be hidden by my shoe pretty much all the time but...I'm not sure yet. I'm not like a tattoo freak or anything I just like dainty ones and that would be tiny since I'm not much for the whole burning while being stabbed sensation.


Dear Wrangler

When I found you I couldn't believe how skinny you were. Such a sad look in your eyes. I didn't need you, but you needed me, so there I was. One more mouth to feed. You came scared, with a gash above your eye. I was the only one you let treat it. I was the only one you let in the stall to sit with you while you lay down to sleep. You were no longer hungry. You were happy, safe. I made you healthy again. I let you be a horse. Then we needed to train you, so I got on you. You let me. I love you for that. Things started to go badly for me, but I kept you happy and safe. It came to the point I must sell you. I hope you know I was very picky. You were such a good boy, getting right on that trailer. She's going to take such good care of you. I will think of you often, when I walk into the barn and can't greet your adorable face, with your long eyelashes. I will miss you, so much. I won't ever forget you and I pray you do not forget me.
Best wishes Wrangler (now Diamond) I hope you love your new home. There's a little girl there that I'm sure has treats in her pockets.


Oh my.

So Nikki left the stables. Picked up her 3 horses yesterday and all of her tack and things from the stable. Slightly depressing. I really like Nikki, yeah she has some issues with the stable renter (notice: not owner) and owes her money. It's been craziness though. They stuck her horses outside ( the one has lameness issues on top of it) and stopped giving them grain. Not very nice if you ask me. Oh well, most of the barn drama will be done and over with now, hopefully. however the stable renter was under the impression I'd be moving Derby to that stable also. Uh, no?? I don't really want to go there because A)It's farther. and B) I don't know the trainer and her methods so I'd rather send Derby elsewhere and C) The back wall of every stall is cement, it's an old cowbarn, but that's not good for my growing warmblood's hocks. Thanks but no thanks.

Crabby much?

Ughhhh...It's monday and I don't want it to be. Hectic all weekend and even worse today. I spent all of friday night and the majority of saturday doing laundry. At least Jamie came and helped me (and folded it all LOL). Sunday I was so.freakin.hungover. I never drink anymore and now I remember why. Got up, ran some errands, worked out. Which I'm dying from today, but my abs feel great! Brenda called and said her vacation got cancelled so instead of picking up Wrangler next Wednesday she'll be picking him up this Wednesday. Great. So I had to call my vet and see if he could squeeze me in for a coggins since I can't do it Friday now. Thankfully I have the best private practice vet EVER and he'll be coming out at 6 tonight. Then I got asked to stay at work 2 extra hours because over half of our tellers are sick! Woo! Oh well, more money for me. My boarding stable is really a pain in the ass though and I just plain don't want to deal with them anymore! The only reason I'm not moving my horse on the 15th is because my trainer/best friend is still out there and I just love her. I'm so exhausted with everything though. I just want to go home and relax but I have too much to do. Mom and dad are still pushing me to move to Iowa to be with them and go to school and I really want to but I'm just not sure I want to uproot from everything I've ever known...Indecision. But I'm only young once and I can always move back so I guess we'll see.


I Hate Men.

That's it.


So far so good!!!

I sold Wrangler last night! The woman from Tempel Farms decided she does want him and thinks he'd be good for her combination training. She does jumping and fox hunting! I'm really excited for Wrangler. However, it's so bittersweet. I rescued him and love him and he will forever be my puppy-horse. I will miss him dearly and the buyer is going to try to stay in contact with me. But I know he will be very well taken care of and she said the only way she would sell him is if someone really loved him as a fox hunter or if he was of no use to her. So she will be picking him up after her vacation and I will be down to one horse again, which is perfect! Plus I'm still training and riding Annie for her refresher in dressage.
Anyways, Cody is being an ass and I'm not sure why but whatever. I have good coffee, and money left over from not paying 2 horses board. =) I'm in a good mood and hopefully that will last!
I worked out last night. It felt great to get back on that treadmill and feel my muscles scream!